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Jason read the bio of Anna Nicole of the computer screen. He couldn't believe how different this Anna had been from the old Anna. Jason knew he had to write a story about her, but the problem was that in his previous attempts to write stories he basically got in the way and was arrested. So after months of experiments he invented a way to spy on the celebs and to know every detail of their lives. Without going technical, it basically was a long TV show that well went anywhere in the person's life and the funny thing about it he made it out of an old TV set. While latter after writing down a description of the invention he realized it sounded like a cheesy invention off a cheesy science fiction film, but he decided to forget about that and write the story on Anna Nicole Smith.

It had been a whirlwind year for Anna Nicole and the 610-pound model/actress needed a break.  Ever since she had appeared on the cover of Playboy, Anna had been the newest sensation of the entertainment world.  Even though she loved her newfound fame it was gotten to the Texas native.  After being Playmate of the Year and in a movie, she was plain worn out and after talking to her manager and agent it was decided to take five-month hiatus and then start a new film that Anna had been accepted for.

Even though she liked to think she had control over her appetite, Anna's modeling manager, Rodger, and movie agent, Rodney, knew better.  When Rodger had discovered Anna, she was a 457-pound stripper who looked like she was almost about to collapse from her weight.  When women got past the 400 mark they started taking muscle building pills to help them carry the weight until they lose it, if they wanted, or in cases like Cindy Crawford and Kathy Ireland, who were 600+pound supermodels, to get fatter and stay mobile easier.  Rodger knew Anna had a talent for the camera, but her health was not up to par.  He soon found out that Anna had a huge appetite and when he told her that he was a modeling manager in Hollywood and that she had potential, she readily did what he said.

As Anna remembered it, Rodger told her to bulk up to the 600 mark, but Rodger said that Anna's appetite told her to.  In any case, Anna body was flabulous and was wanted by everyone in Hollywood.  Her round, puffy face was seductive, her large fat second chin covered the front of her neck and rolled down her chest to the top of her huge breasts, and her lovely jowls had all but merged with her chin.  Her majestic breasts were huge, being almost out of reach from her plump, fat arms and rolling down her double folded paunch.  Anna's paunch bulged into front of her almost a foot and aproned down to the tops of her knees.  Her rear end wasn't shabby either with its great width and sticking out almost a yard for each buttocks.  Anna's butt sagged over the backs of her large thighs that made the model/actress waddle seductively.  Even with that great body, Rodger had wanted Anna to gain slowly if she did gain.  But Anna gained the almost 150-pounds in under a year.

Anna hated it when her two agents watched her like hawks, but all three's careers depended on her and so she didn't mind that much.  She just hated it when they told her everything three times, she hated it so much that she finally said something, "Guys, I know I have to take the muscle strengthening pills and exercise.  But I also want to rest from hearing this trash every thirty seconds."

"Anna, we know you hate hearing us tell you these things, but remember you have an appetite and you need to keep it in check.  Also your muscles need to be kept strong to keep you at the pace you're going everyday especially when you get back.  Remember, unlike other celebs that can gain and lose depending of the situation, you gain and gain some more," Rodney said.

"That's right, remember you gain to easily and lose at a rate of a snail,"  a seriously toned Rodger said.

Anna knew when she was beat and conceded, "Ok, I'll make sure I don't gain 200-pounds and get stuck in bed. The last thing I want to be is to be a walking celeb one day and a immobile ball of fat the next like some former starlets."

Rodger and Rodney finally accepted that and left Anna to her break, which began innocently enough with a seven triple cheese pizzas ordered after they both left. Anna started eating whenever she felt like it, that had been her routine before she met Rodger so why not go back to it for a few days but this time she'll taking the pills so she won't feel as though she was about to collapse. Unfortunately for Rodger and Rodney, Anna' slide into her old routine didn't just happen for a few days but a few months.

Rodger and Rodney were both doing other projects, but kept in touch with Anna by phone and look at the tabloids. But Anna along with the rest of Hollywood did as well and when she got her edition of the National Enquirer, at the start of her fourth month on break she couldn't believe the headline- "Anna Nicole Almost IMMOBILE!!!" Anna was livid that they would call her almost immobile and waddled to the bathroom scale to prove her point. As the scale reached the 620-pound mark, Anna thought it was almost done, but the scale continued to go higher and higher until it read 746-pounds.

"No way!!!" Anna screamed, "There's no way I'm that fat and still mobile as I was four months ago. It must be the scale."

Anna stepped off the scale and watched as it back to zero, the computer control panel also showed nothing was wrong.  Anna was bewildered; she started pacing around the large bathroom wondering if it were true.  At seven hundred and forty-six pounds, she would be a pioneer like her ideal Marilyn Monroe who had pioneered the 450+ range when everyone thought it was impossible and only would result in immobility.  Anna thought about how her career would be if she was pioneering the 700+ range, but her thoughts were interrupted by Rodger and Rodney's voices calling her name.

"Anna, where are you?" Rodger shouted.

His thoughts were racing; if Anna was immobile he and Rodney would be in a fix.  But it mattered how much she had gained also; if it just happened within a few days there might be hope, but if she had been immobile for a month, many two then all of their collective butts were died.  As he run down the main corridor of his client's house, a gigantic figure came waddling out of the bathroom.  The massive person was the largest he'd seen ever walking that is; he'd seen the famed circus fat lady Ann-Margaret who was at the weight of 1300-pounds but she had been immobile for over two decades.   Rodney appeared and spoke, "Anna! How…how…how"

"Much?" Anna finished for him and then answered, "Seven hundred and forty-six."

Anna had waited for both Rodger and Rodney to wake up from their collective collapses to her floor.  After waiting ten minutes, she felt hungry and got some food.  After another ten minutes, both men woke up and stared at the 700+ pound beauty looking at them with a three-foot sub in the hands.  They got up and were about to say something, but each stopped as Anna took a bit from the sandwich and waddled to the living room.  They followed not knowing what to expect.

Anna sat down, the two agents worried as the seven-foot long couch's legs groaned under her weight.  They watched as she devoured the rest of the sandwich and rubbed her huge paunch, which flowed between her legs to the floor.  They each looked for one another, secretly wanting the other to say something.  Then Rodney's cell phone rang causing both to jump.  Rodney picked up the phone, "Hello."

"Rodney, this is Tom Hansen. What's this I read about Anna being immobile?" the producer said over the phone.

"Tom," Rodney started to say when he was interrupted.

"That's Mr. Hansen!"

"Mr. Hansen, the rumors are totally false.  I'm here with Anna and her modeling agent, Rodger Jackson in her home.  And we've seen her walk around, but right now she's eating."

"Is that so?  Well, Rodney, if your lying and my actress can't waddle like her character is suppose to, then the repercussions will be severe! Got that?"

"Yes, Mr. Hansen.  Well, if you don't believe me.  Why don't you come over to Anna's and she her for yourself?" Rodney said with a smile on his face.

"I will," the producer said and then said with a sneer, "I'll give you a half an hour to try and get her moving!"

Rodney turned the cell phone off and said, "That was Hansen.  He believes your immobile Anna, hopefully you can get up and start walking around?"

Anna rolled her eyes and hefted her body up off the couch.  She then started waddling around her house.  Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang and Rodger went to the door.  It was Tom Hansen, one of the most demanding producers in Hollywood.  Rodger smiled and said, "Mr. Hansen, Rodney said you were coming over and Anna went to make herself more presentable."

"Really? I'd like to see what she's done," the producer remarked as he walked in.

Rodger lead him towards the living room.  As they entered, they saw Anna seated on the couch and was dressed in a long casual blue dress.  Hansen was about to say something when Anna spoke up first, "Mr. Hansen, sorry I didn't greet you at the door, but Rodney wanted to talk to me about something."

The producer saw how her paunch and the fabric containing it spread out over the floor and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out as he stood speechless as Anna heaved herself off the couch and waddled towards him.  Anna got to him, lifted her arm, and put her hand out.  Hansen, even though he was demanding was also a gentleman when a lady put out her hand, took it and kissed like the Southern gentleman he was raised up as.  Anna then offered, "Would you like a seat?"

"No, Ms. Smith."


"Anna," Hansen said with a smile, "But, I'd like to inspect your body if you don't mind?"

"Go right head, everything's natural."

Hansen started with her face, which was seductively rounder and puffier. Her large fat second chin went around her entire face as her jowls had merged with it.  It covered the front of her neck and rolled down her chest to in-between her huge breasts.  Her majestic breasts were huge, they were now out of reach from her fat arms and rolling down her double, almost triple, folded paunch that could be seen through the dress' fabric.  Anna's paunch bulged into front of her a whole foot and aproned down to the tops of her calves.  Her rear end with its great width and now sticking out a yard behind her for each buttock as it sagged over the backs of her large thighs that made the her waddle so seductively.  Hansen didn't find any industrial braces on Anna's rippling, thick legs and was almost satisfied.

He then asked, "How does it feel to be the world's first self-mobile 800+ pound woman?"

"I nothing," Anna said and this put Hansen back, he then hit the floor when she said, "I only weigh 746-pounds."

"Anna, I find that hard to believe.  I mean I've always fantasized that a 800-pound woman would look that way at your height."

"Mr. Hansen."

"Tom, please madam."

Anna smiled and went on, "Tom, at my size why would I lie?"

The producer looked at Rodger, Rodney, and back to Anna before saying, "No woman would in this world!"

Hansen seemed please that his next film's star wasn't immobile and wanted to end his visit lightheartedly and said, "Anna, I hope you understand why I had to come over.  But since the reports of your immobility are way out of proportion, I'm wondering if you'd like to talk about the film that we'll be making together starting in a month."

"Tom, I don't know if I want to act in a film produced by you after what you said to my agent early today."

The producer was dumbfounded, but then recovered bay saying, "You have every right to, Anna," and then turned to Rodney saying, "Mr. Barnard, I wish to apologize for my words to you this afternoon.  I had just heard a report that Ms. Smith was immobile and that mad me furious.  It doesn't explain that I basically called you a liar, but I hope you won't hold that against me in the future."

The two shook hands and Rodney said, "Call me Rodney.  And don't worry, Anna will be doing the movie."

"Very well," the producer said with a smile, "I hope you don't mind, Anna, but I'll personally tell the media that you aren't immobile and that the film is still on track."

"Thank you, Tom."

The producer showed himself out and the three left in the living room breathed a heavy sign of relief.  After she was sure Tom had left, Anna headed towards the kitchen.  Rodger and Rodney followed her and asked together, "What are you doing?"

"Getting something to eat," she said in a heartbeat.

"After what we've all been throw in the last two hours, you're going to eat?" Rodger asked in frustration and confusion.

"Why not? I mean I only thought and felt like I had gained 10-pounds not almost 140. I can probably gain another 20 pounds before shooting starts.  Who knows, maybe even a hundred?"

Anna Nicole remembered how Rodger and Rodney looked after see had said that all those years ago. It had taken them awhile to recover from the shock of those words and when they did she had started eating dinner that evening.  A month and 45-pounds later, Anna had started filming the Tom Hansen movie that turned out to be one of the most profitable in history thanks to her phenomenal 791-pound body. That film started everything as movie deals, blockbuster hits, and TV guest appearances pouring in quickening the acceleration of her career from new superstar to "Queen of all media."

A year and a half later she started her on production company, Aphrodite Ltd., and started rolling out films, TV series, and now music. Her command of the entertainment was complete by the next year.  Now she sat on her mega sized couch looking at the video photo album on the TV screen.  She had long surpassed that now poultry 746, now weighing in at a magnificent 1040-pounds.

She hefted up her body. Her still seductive face was massively round and bugling, her single chin was now rolling down her paunch. Her titanic breasts were far out of reach as they rolled down her paunch, which was now four folded and dragging between her feet, to her knees. Her rear end was gigantic as its width took up a double doorway and a half and stuck out several yards. It sagged over her thighs, which were now the size of 300-pound teenagers at the waist. Her movement was rapid as her muscles waddled her along to her appointment with two of her company's managing heads, Rodger and Rodney, with herself as the third and most important member.

As she waddled she noticed many treasured items on her house's walls. There was gold record for "Fat" written by "Weird" Al for her to sing. There were photos of her on Hercules and Xena as the goddess Aphrodite. This amused her because Aphrodite or Venus was the goddess of love and beauty, and so naturally she was the largest goddess of all and of course the largest mobile woman in Hollywood would be asked for the role, which Anna happily accepted. She noticed photos her guest appearances that usually happened during "sweeps". There were a few of her with the cast of Friends, as show where she played Monica and Ross' younger/larger cousin. And some with the cast of the Drew Carey Show, in which she appeared on as one of Drew's on and off girlfriend.

Anna was on top of the world, if fact she was a world unto herself.  She again replayed the memory that started on this journey, wanting a break from fame now she was the most famous woman in the world it was no contest.  Long reign Anna, the Queen of the Entertainment World.

This was the first FAT WORLD story that focused on a celebrity and was the 2nd in the series. It focused on Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) and how she changed entertainment in FAT WORLD.
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Whoa! Hell of a difference from this world my friend.
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yep, this was written almost 7 years ago way before ANS tragic passing.
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